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Welcome to the official website of National Orange Wine Day. First established in 2018 by the National Day Registry, National Orange Wine Day seeks out to bring a greater awareness to this beautiful yet, lesser known style of wine. National Orange Wine day is to be celebrated annually on October the 6th and is a holiday that is open to all. No wine snobbery here.

Not Sure What Orange Wine Is?

Orange wine, (which can also be known as amber, ramato, or skin contact) is first and foremost not made from the orange fruit. It’s actually white wine grapes that are essentially treated the same way as red wine grapes, they are fermented with grape skin contact, thus giving it varying hues of yellows, oranges, ambers, even brown.

Orange wine can be made all over the world and in varying techniques. The most traditional method is the usage of Qvevri or Amphora. This is an earthen clay vessel usually lined with beeswax that is then buried underground during the fermentation process. By placing these vessels underground, this aides in temperature-controlled fermentation. These practices have evidence dating back 6,000-8,000 years ago in what is now, considered the modern-day country of Georgia.

Virtual Orange Wine Week

In order to spread continued awareness about orange wines, National Orange Wine Day has now expanded to an entire week of Orange Wine themed events. Virtual Orange Wine Week seeks out to educate consumers on this unique style of wine, all the meanwhile making it accessible, approachable, and enjoyable. This week has events open to all wine lovers, from the beginner to the pro.* Wine packages sold separetely through our retail partners.

Please check out the Events or Trade menu options for event listings.

*Events for 21+, all events listed in Eastern Standard Time (EST).

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