The Queen of Vin Au Naturel

The Queen of Vin Au Naturel If you know anything about natural wine, then you know Jenny Lefcourt. Lefcourt was not only one of the first female wine importers in the United States, she’s arguably the States' first natural wine importer with her company, she is the co-founder and President of Jenny & Francois Selections.Continue reading "The Queen of Vin Au Naturel"


Austrian Orange Wine


Austria has a long history of winemaking, but in general, modern winemaking is fairly young. The country’s wine producers are consistently evolving overtime and it's no wonder that Austria was one of the early adopters of the “orange wine style”.     The name orange wine was coined by UK wine importer David A. HarveyContinue reading "Austrian Orange Wine"

Online Marketing for Natural Wine with MYSA


Join MYSA's founders Holly and Nic as we discuss their own experience using branding, online marketing, and promotions. Holly and Nic have launched a successful E-Commerce Natual Wine Shop with their small team of two! Learn what marketing moves work and what ones don't. Come prepared with your own questions!


Trivia Night! on Facebook Live

Description: Ami G is a Wine Educator who inspires wine enthusiasts of all levels to explore new wines through educational video and private wine tastings. She hosts a free wine tasting experience on the last Wednesday of the month to showcase a noble grape. This interactive trivia night will boost your understanding of orange wine and thereContinue reading "Trivia Night! on Facebook Live"

Vino Vinyasa Orange Wine Flow

Vino Vinyasa classes weave fun wine facts into yoga flows and end with a wine tasting. This allows students to take what they learned on their mats and apply it to their wine glass.   We will learn all about what orange wine is and how it tastes after we flow together virtually!   We’llContinue reading "Vino Vinyasa Orange Wine Flow"